Objectives of Care Homes Watch UK

Understanding Concerns in the Care Industry

Care Homes Watch UK is a voluntary group that is attempting to make our community aware of grave problems within the Care sector.

By now many people may be aware that problems have arisen within the area of geriatric care, and more particularly in the area of residential nursing care. There have recently been undercover media teams exposing incidents of abuse and neglect.

However, Care Homes Watch wants to ensure that the community, and the wider public, is aware of some of the reasons for poor care that is not commonly reported.  One of the issues relating to poor care that is not commonly known is that there is no legal limit to the number of  ‘residents / patients’ that one care assistant can be instructed to care for.  This unacceptable state of affairs has left some care assistants in residential nursing care unable to provide essential basic nursing care.

Up to the present time I know of no ‘whistle blower’ who has been re-employed in the care industry.  This sends out a message of fear and uncertainty for future employment to care assistants.  Should a care assistant complain and be wrongfully dismissed they are not entirely protected under the Law:  To take the matter to an industrial tribunal can cost them thousands of pounds.

This and other issues are what we wish to present to our community in the hope that we can persuade our elected representatives to look into this vexed, dreadful human problem.

Chris Pitts